Community Involvement

There is no better way to invest than in our future. You cannot require your employee’s to help others, it comes from within. Here at Nip Kelley Equipment Company we have those types of people, eager to help and donate their time for our future and the future of our children.

Melaina’s Magical Playland

Magical Playland Magical Playland

The area's first public all-inclusive and fully-accessible playground in our community designed for all ability levels.

Sponsor of Youth Baseball

Youth Baseball

Discovery Playhouse

Discovery Playhouse

A children's museum designed to create fun, educational and interactive experiences for children as they play, discover and learn.

Levi's Adventure Trail

Levi's Adeventure Trial

An outdoor nature exhibit consisting of an imaginary camping area, an interactive river, sand box, 2 story climbing structure and a pavilion are for outside birthday parties.


  • Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce
  • Old Town Cape Inc.